Drawing on a car for a

series of Movember events


With some colleagues

at a Mugg an Bean event

 At a Samsung promotion,

drawing on a tablet







Sandra Kellerman lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She has been drawing caricatures and cartoons for the last 15 years and still can't believe her good luck (and a little skill) in being able to draw for a living. She loves to emphasizethe fun-damental, out-standing and in-depth qualities of people and life.


Over the years she has drawn at all kinds of events, from weddings to huge corporate events. She has worked for almost every big corporate in South Africa and has done a great variety of cartoon work - from cartoon strips to character development to storyboards to graphic facilitation to journey maps to mindmapping cartoons to chaotic vistas.....

She enjoys the variety that the work brings and still loves every minute of it.

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Live digital drawing on tablet

at a Liberty Life event

Drawing artists, being interviewed

at the Radio 702 Art Fair

Drawing at a Microsoft event